DIY tie-dye and sparkly shoes: 4 fun activities for kids with wearable results.

Thanks to our brand partner, BIG W

With many of us spending our days at home, we've really come around to the 'bake it, make it, grow it' movement.

Whether it's the depths of winter or your state's lockdown 2.0 keeping you inside, there's a good chance your family have already mastered making sourdough and nurtured the indoor plants taking over the lounge room. 

If you're feeling creative, it's a good time to get making and complete some DIY projects with the kids. Make the year's coldest, darkest weeks a bit brighter with some wearable creations that are as fun to put together as they are to put on.

With their own designers getting behind the camera, BIG W has created some easy to follow tutorials on its Entertaining the Kids at Home hub that will give the kids the ideas - and the nudge - to design something that's as original as they are. 

1. DIY tie-dye.

It's comfort dressing made chic. Tie-dye t-shirts are what all the cool people are wearing (at home) right now, the ultimate in trendy loungewear. But who knew you needed only table salt, rubber bands and a squeezy bottle to get the look?

BIG W textile designer Sarah Smith has got the process down to a few simple steps – then amplifies it by adding some beads, a rainbow of colours or tassels to make it pop. It's a cute designer hack that will only cost you a few bucks.

Easy tie-dye t-shirts. Image: BIG W.


You don't need much to make a tie-dyed shirt. Image: BIG W.


Then to show off your new t-shirt, share your creation on Facebook or Instagram using #bigdaysathome. The chill vibes are strong with this one. We approve.

Watch the full tutorial here.

2. Personalised graphic t-shirt.

Let's start with dinosaurs. If you ever wanted to learn how to draw one, then BIG W graphic artist Steve Cakebread will show you how. In five easy steps you’ll master this sketch of a T-Rex on a skateboard. 

Super rad dino. Image: BIG W.


Then you can branch out and draw a triceratops, a brontosaurus or just make one up for a drawing that’s like no other. Have you ever heard of a lizardosaurus? You have now! The only limit is your (or your kids') imagination.

Steve also shows you how to transfer your original design onto a plain t-shirt, so you can walk like a dinosaur in your very own wearable art. Simple.

Watch the full tutorial here.

3. Sparkly shoes.

Add a spring in your step with a pair of shiny sneakers fit for cheering up a rainy day, and let BIG W senior textile designer Jo Lockley show you how to do it.

In a lesson in how to completely transform the humble canvas sandshoe with some basic craft supplies and patience, this guide is a sure-fire way to make your shoes stand out in a crowd (and never have them mistaken for someone else's when they're kicked off at the end of the day).

Bling shoe transformation. Image: BIG W.


Most discerning parents shy away from glitter at home (much to the disappointment of their children), but Jo has a nifty hack to make sure the tiny sparkles STAY. ON. THE. SHOES. Phew. Here we go, kids! 

Watch the full tutorial here.

4. Upcycled denim jacket.

I can see some mummy and mini-me matching in my future after my daughter and I have a go at creating some fashion-forward upcycled denim jackets.

Upcycling an old jacket to give it an individual touch is the idea of BIG W senior apparel designer Claire Harahap. Fabric swatches glued into the panels is a very simple matter of cut and paste, but gives creative cred to a wardrobe staple.

Instant street cred denim jacket. Image: BIG W.


The best part is that the jackets will be one of a kind, so you and your kid can have fun expressing your own personal style.

Watch the full tutorial here.

We can’t wait to follow the creative journey of other families during their #bigdaysathome. Designer challenge accepted.

For more great ideas like these, visit BIG W's Entertaining The Kids at Home hub.

Got more ideas for indoors activities at home with the kids? Tell us what you've been doing below.

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