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1. Man found guilty of raping and murdering British daughter of Adelaide surgeon.

A man has been found guilty of raping and murdering British student and daughter of an Adelaide doctor, India Chipchase after he found her outside a bar.

Edward Tenniswood, 52, strangled the 20-year-old after telling her “Don’t worry, I’ll get you home safe” when he saw her slumped outside a nightclub after she became disoriented on a night out with friends.

Tenniswood claimed he accidentally killed her through “over eagerness” during “kinky sex”.

After killing Ms Chipchase Tenniswood told a jury he “cuddled up” to her lifeless body and then sat and drank in a hotel bar for 22 hours until the police came to arrest him.

The court heard the 52-year-old who fantasised about dating famous women, raped Ms Chipchase, then, as she lay dead Tenniswood redressed her body.

Her father, Jeremy Chipchase told the court he hoped no other father should ever have to hear the news that their daughter had been found dead, or see the faces of his daughter’s two sisters and brother as they were told.

“No other father will be hit with a wave of emotion at a wedding, as I was, realising I would never walk India down the aisle. Therefore I reiterate I do not want there to be other victims at the hands of India’s murderer.

“No other family should experience what we have. I hope the sentencing reflects that.”

Tenniswood will be sentenced at a later date.

2. Millennials turn away from sex.

A study has found that millenials are the least promiscuous generation since the 1920s.

Researchers who analysed findings from a long-running social survey from the US found that those now in their early 20s are almost three times as likely not to be sexually active as their parents’ generation.


The study, co-authored by Dr Ryne Sherman, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Florida Atlantic University, and Prof Brooke Wells, of Widener University, uses data from the General Social Survey, a US study involving almost 27,000 respondents across several generations.

Among “millennials”15 per cent had not had any sexual partners since turning 18.

By contrast when members of so-called “Generation X”, were asked the same question at the same age the proportion was only six per cent.

“This study really contradicts the widespread notion that Millennials are the ‘hookup’ generation, which is popularised by dating apps like ‘Tinder’ and others, suggesting that they are just looking for quick relationships and frequent casual sex,” said Dr Sherman.

3. NAPLAN data shows Australian students flatlining.

Preliminary results from this year’s NAPLAN tests show that Australian students in literacy and numeracy have flatlined for the past three years.

The 2016 results show reading scores have increased by 0.4 per cent since 2013, writing scores have declined by 0.2 per cent and numeracy scores have risen by 1.26 per cent.In years 3 and 5 there were gains across the categories of reading, spelling, grammar and numeracy, the data revealed a significant decrease in writing results for years 7 and 9 since 2011.

Fairfax Media reports that at the same time federal school funding has increased by 23.7 per cent.

Dr Misty Adoniou, a literacy expert from the University of Canberra, told the ABC it made you wonder what the point was.

“It makes you wonder why we’re doing NAPLAN, because I think the rationale was to show us where our weaknesses were so we could intervene and make improvement,” she said.


“We’ve now had five years of NAPLAN results in writing and we’re either staying where we are or going backwards, so something’s not working.”

4. Banks pass on less than half of rate cut.

The big banks passed on barely half of yesterday’s cut in the official benchmark cash rate to their home mortgage and business borrowers.

Yesterday the Reserve Bank cut its key rate to 1.5 per cent from 1.75 per cent at its monthly board meeting.

“Given very subdued growth in labour costs and very low cost pressures elsewhere in the world, this is expected to remain the case for some time, “ central bank governor Glenn Stevens said in his post-meeting statement.

The Commonwealth Bank was the first to act announcing it would only pass on half of the cut and hand some of the rest out to customers as higher term-deposit rates.

5. Federal Cabinet voted 11 to 10 in favour of nominating Rudd.

It has been revealed that Federal Cabinet voted 11 to 10 in favour of nominating Kevin Rudd to bid for the next United Nations’ secretary-general, but that the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull made a decision to abort the cabinet discussion and said he would make a “captain’s call” instead.

Fairfax Media reports 11 ministers backed the position of Deputy Liberal Leader and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who was said to have put forward the “DFAT case” in favour of Mr Rudd’s nomination.

6. Baby Elephant loses her battle.

Sad news at Melbourne Zoo with the death of Melbourne Zoo’s elephant calf Willow who died after being born with a condition that prevented her from standing and feeding from her mother.

“Extremely sad news this morning, that we have lost Willow,” Judith Henke, Communications Manager at from Melbourne Zoo said.


“The team did absolutely everything possible to pull her through, and everyone here is feeling the loss hugely.”

Dr. Michael Lynch, the zoo’s head veterinarian said from the beginning Willow’s condition was critical.

“It became evident yesterday that the infection in her bones had progressed to a point where lasting damage had occurred.”

Dr Lynch said Willow’s mother, Num-Oi spent the night with the calf lying next to her and caressing her before leaving freely in the morning.

7. Sinkhole opens up in Ipswich backyard.

A “sinkhole” has opened up in the backyard of an Ipswich home.

The retired couple who own the home say they woke up on Tuesday morning to find a large hole in their backyard.

Mayor Paul Pisasale told The Brisbane Times a local mine expert had identified a mine shaft had been put in that spot “many years ago” that may be the source of the sinkhole.

“I have made arrangements for Ray and Lynn McKay to be in hotel accommodation overnight to make sure they have some peace of mind” the mayor said.

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