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CCTV shows India Chipchase's chilling final moments before she was raped and murdered.

CCTV cameras have captured the chilling final moments of the daughter of an Adelaide doctor, India Chipchase, before she was raped and murdered in the UK.

The release of the security footage comes as Edward Tenniswood, 52, was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in jail after killing the 20-year-old student in what a judge has described as a crime of “utter depravity”.

The disturbing footage, released by Northamptonshire Police, shows Tenniswood approach Chipchase as she stands slumped against a wall outside a bar in January, before he lures her away.

Chipchase was on a night out with friends but ended up on the pavement when she became disoriented at about 1am on January 30.

She was going to take a cab home on her own, but refused when a driver asked her for the fare upfront.

India Chipchase was the daughter of prominent Adelaide doctor Jeremy Chipchase.

In the CCTV clip, Chipchase can be seen speaking on her mobile outside the nightclub. The next clips shows Tenniswood leaning into her to speak before motioning for them to leave together.

He can be seen steering Chipchase toward a taxi. Investigators discovered Tenniswood was overheard assuring her, "don't worry, I'll get you home safe."

Hours later, Chipchase would be dead. Her body was found on a mattress on the floor of Tenniswood's rented home with over 30 injuries after she was raped, battered and strangled to death, The Sun reports.

Via Northamptonshire Police.

Tenniswood told the court he charmed her outside the bar and she had agreed to have sex with him.


He claimed he accidentally killed her through “over eagerness” during “kinky sex”, saying she gestured for him to strangle her.

Prosecutors said there was evidence that Chipchase put up a struggle, with the killer bookkeeper's blood under one of her fingernails.

Watch India Chipchase's father deliver his emotional victim impact statement. Post continues after video...

After killing Chipchase, the court heard Tenniswood “cuddled up” to her lifeless body and redressed her body.

He then went to drink at a hotel bar -- as depicted in the CCTV footage -- for 22 hours until police arrived to arrest him.

A jury took less than two hours to return a unanimous guilty verdict in court.

Hours after Tenniswood was sentenced to life in jail,  Judge John Saunders denounced his "terrible crime", The Sun reports.

"It was committed because the defendant was determined to satisfy his own sexual desires on an attractive and much younger woman. It was a crime of utter depravity."