12 people on the lengths they went to to try and win over a potential partner.

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Love makes us all do some pretty crazy things and it all begins at the first strike of Cupid’s bow.

What at the time seems romantic and fairly reasonable can in hindsight make you cringe. Here 13 people share the lengths they went to impress a potential partner.

1. Love driver.

“I would go out of my way to catch the train home with him so we could talk, then I’d get off at his station and catch a bus all the way back to go to my actual home. One afternoon when he offered me a lift, I had to ‘fess up.”

2. Blooming love.

“I picked flowers at night and put them in front of her door. Not even a note, or a name, or anything, just the flowers. Even denied when she asked if they were mine. Don’t know what I was trying to accomplish there,” wrote one Reddit user. (Watch: MM staffers confess their last sex dream. Post continues after video.)

3. Sweet sounds.

“I tried to sing her a song while playing it on the piano. I can’t sing. I can’t play piano, I just knew the basic tune and knew that the higher notes were to the left on the keyboard,” said a Redditor.

“I didn’t even know the words to the song. Looking back, it was pretty obvious she didn’t even want me to sing to her, she was being polite.”

4. Music whizz.

“I pretended to know who Mogwai was to impress a boy and ended up going to one of their concerts alone just to prove I was ultra cool and chill. (Spoiler: going to see a bunch of Scottish dudes in their 40s play instrumental post-punk music on your own is as bad as it sounds).”

5. L’Amour.

“I started doing French lessons. Those ended as soon as the relationship did.” (Post continues after gallery.)


6. Sports fan.

“I learnt ALL the rules of NRL. What a waste.”

7. Knowledge is power.

 "I over-stated my enthusiasm for Bret Easten Ellis novels in order to impress guys in my earlier uni days. I always went for the ~ literary ~ dudes."

8. Surfs up.

"I learnt a whole heap of surf lingo like onshore, offshore, bank, set and sex wax."

9. Keen to impress.

"I memorised all of the Kings of Leon album names and release dates because it was his favourite band. I hate their music."

10. All-nighter.

 "I pretended I could handle my liquor and stayed out all night drinking with my crush hoping that he would ask me out / I just wanted to be around him. Eventually I realised I needed to go home and while walking me to a cab he asked me out (yay).
And then I went flying down a set of stairs."
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11. Football fan.

 "I pretended to know about the English Premier League, which was a huge waste of my time."

12. What a hike.

"He was a real outdoors fan, so I pretended I regularly went on hikes and treks and suggested one as an excuse for a date. 10 minutes in to our first walk together I had blisters from new walking shoes and a serious stitch. It went downhill after that."
 What have you done to try and impress a potential partner?
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