Imogen Anthony wore two penises to Australian Fashion Week.


Model and designer Imogen Anthony is renowned for a wardrobe that gets people talking.

It was no surprise that her looks at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week were anything less than her usual brand of shock-jock perfection.

The 26 year old wore a predominantly dark wardrobe with splashes of red or bold patterning (leopard print).

Anthony complemented her outfits with a range of accessories that drew focus back to her face and hair.

Look 1: the ZHIVAGO show.


Look 2: the after party.

Look 3: the Zambesi Show.

Imogen Anthony at MBFW. (Source: Getty Images.)

Look 4: the bejeweled gimp mask.

(Source: Getty/Instagram @imogen_anthony.)

Look 5: the penis dress.


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Look 6: the MBFW debut.

Feature image via Instagram @imogen_anthony.

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