Imogen Anthony had an unexpected reaction to being included on a "worst dressed" list.

Most celebrities spend their red carpet days fretting over making the ‘worst dressed’ lists, but not model Imogen Anthony.

The 25-year-old, who has been dating radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands for over four years, has actually thanked OK! Magazine for including her on their “what were they thinking?” list, where she’s joined by the likes of Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry.

Taking to Instagram, Imogen shared a photo of the page that called her outfit a “shocker”, telling her 128,000 followers, “I love it”.


“[This is] written by the ‘Lifestyle team’,” Imogen wrote. “That’s like social media people calling themselves ‘influencers’ – you’re a f*cking journo (don’t get it twisted) that was delivered a brief of filling a double page with anything.”

Next, she took aim at the “best dressed” list, which Imogen slammed as “full of generic shit and dickhead peplums anyway”.

(Just quietly – I think “dickhead peplums” is my new favourite phrase, so thank you, Imogen.)

The best dressed list is "full of generic shit and dickhead peplums anyway". (Image: Instagram/Imogen Anthony)

"The worst dressed list rules, because that's all ya f*cking got, to hate on something I know deep down inside you're actually hating to love," she finished.

It's a refreshing attitude towards the best/worst dress lists that tabloid publications insist on running (featuring women exclusively, of course).

Just last week radio presenter, singer, and former model Sophie Monk expressed her dismay at being included on the ARIAs worst dressed list.

In September, Mamamia announced our move towards a "Kind Carpet", where we support women on the red carpet, by telling them "you look bloody beautiful" instead of tearing them down.

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