Kyle Sandilands just referred to Imogen Anthony's vagina as his property.

Just when you thought Kyle Sandilands couldn’t get any more unpleasant, he’s gone and talked about his girlfriend’s body as though it is a piece of property he owns.

Because in 2016, opinions such as this are apparently still acceptable, humorous and worthy of being broadcast to millions of people around the country.

Speaking to comedian Joel Creasey on Wednesday, the 45-year-old shock jock said he looks at girlfriend Imogen Anthony’s vagina “like a door.”

Imogen Anthony andKyle Sandilands. Source: Instagram

Oh God.

"I look at it like a door. I'm inside that door. I don’t get jealous because people can only see the door," he began.

"I'm not jealous because I am in it. No one else can get in it."

Sandilands made the comments after Creasey asked what he thought about the many nude selfies and videos Anthony posts to social media and, in turn, the fact many people view them.


In particular, Creasey was referencing an image Anthony posted to Instagram of her crotch decked out in stick-on jewels that made "crystal panties".

Yet just when you thought we were done and you could get off this trainwreck, there's still more.

Proving nothing makes for breakfast radio conversation quite like anal sex, Sandilands then went on to say, "And every now and then if I am locked out I will go through the back door."

Imogen Anthony and Kyle Sandilands. Source: Instagram

This is not the first time the former Australian Idol judge has overshared.

In March Sandilands told listeners of the Kyle & Jackie O Show he helps Anthony remove and insert her tampons.

Then, in May, he said he "trashed" his girlfriend over the weekend. Anthony responded to the overshare by posting videos of Sandilands snoring loudly to Snapchat.

In August, a video of the pair was deleted from social media after being deemed "too raunchy."