"I'm sorry, but my twins are not unicorns."

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On this week’s episode of This Glorious Mess, things got even messier than usual – because, twins.

If you saw this woman and her twins in the supermarket, what would you say to her?

Would you ask her if she conceived them naturally?

Would you ask her if she delivered them vaginally?

Would you ask her if she was SURE they weren’t identical, as if you knew something about her children that she had failed to notice?

She is Annie Nolan, and you have probably seen her somewhere this week. Because the signs she made about the stupid questions people ask her about her twins went viral, appearing everywhere from Mamamia to Perez Hilton.

Here they are:

Annie came on to This Glorious Mess, Mamamia’s podcast for parents, this week. After a few days of attention, she was more than a little freaked out, especially by the bits where people had accused her of being grumpy and ungrateful.

But possibly the best thing about Annie’s interview was what happened when she did it. It was absolutely, Gloriously Messy.

Listen here:

Also this week, should fairness be valued above all things when it comes to kids and school activities?

My daughter Matilda was so outrageously excited about getting a line in the school play. And I was really excited for her, until I found out what it was.

Plus, are Babymoons really dangerous? Should you ever give a three-year-old the silent treatment? And should a baby ever be able to call shotgun and ride up front of the car?

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