Unpopular opinion: "I’ve had enough of Beyonce's babies."

In case you missed it, Beyoncé is/was? pregnant with twins. Speculation about said twins is rife.

Have they been born? What gender are they? Are they still in hospital due to jaundice? Did Beyoncé’s dad commit the ultimate birth announcement sin? The list goes on and on and on.

And I’ll tell you what, I don’t really care.

I get that babies are cute and their birth is exciting. And I am always hoping for happiness and health for all involved – I’m not a monster – but it will happen when it happens.

When Beyoncé announces the birth of her twins I will move as fast as the no doubt record-breaking Instagram post and will swoon over how cute the babies are (because obviously, they will be cute).

AM I A MONSTER?! (Image: Supplied)

But until that official announcement I won’t be losing any sleep about it.

I am beginning to think that the world has gone mad because there are so many other things to be excited about.

Listen: This Glorious Mess discuss - have pregnancy announcements gone too far? (post continues after audio...)

For example:

  1. Nina Proudman is back on our television screens next week. Just breathe.
  2. End of financial year sales are currently on and you can pick up some serious bargains.
  3. It hasn’t been that cold this Winter…yet.
  4. McDonald’s shaker fries are back. Run, don’t walk.
  5. It’s currently semester break from uni.
  6. With every day that passes we take one step closer to the next American election. Silver linings?
  7. Cadbury Mega Crunchie block is a thing, a really good thing.
  8. Clear plastic jeans haven’t become a part of mainstream fashion. Thank goodness.
  9. Avocados are on special at the supermarket a lot. Owning a home never looked simpler.
  10. Did I mention that Offspring is back next week?

I understand you've got to do you, but for now, I'll be focusing on anything but Beyonce or her bubs.

Are you sick of hearing about celebrity pregnancies?