"I'm so over planning my wedding."

I was warned this would happen but I didn’t believe anyone.

Planning a wedding is like having a baby, and buying a house, and moving out of home; you can listen to people who have done it before but you’ll never believe how hard it is until you go through it yourself.

I’m trying to plan my wedding. I say ‘trying’ because I’ve basically given up.

Wedding planning is hard.

Getting engaged is fun and exciting. Those first few weeks of being engaged are one long happy-endorphin filled time. You’re on Pinterest for hours, you study the words ‘bunting’ and ‘canapé’ and you search Etsy for handmade vintage bargains, and then, a few weeks later, reality hits.

This is the important bit.

Weddings are expensive.

Weddings take lots and lots of planning.

Weddings are hard bloody work.

Then there’s the wedding politics. The decisions about destinations, venues and guests lists.

Maybe we'll get married somewhere like this.

Even for couples like us, who want a small wedding, there’s still major decisions to be made. Who will make the guest list? Where will it be? Will we have a bridal party?

It’s been a year since we got engaged and I still have none of those answers.

I have about four different wedding scenarios in my head. All of which I’ve discussed with my fiancé about 100 times but neither of us can definitively go ‘yes that’s the one’.

We’ve considered a backyard wedding, as we fortunately live in the ‘burbs with an amazing yard. If we did that I’d definitely take on some of the ideas given in this video. Post continues after clip.

To be perfectly honest, and yes I know this makes me sound selfish and a tight arse, but I refuse to spend an insane amount of money on a wedding, which is making planning even harder.


Didn't I read that the average Australia wedding costs $60,000 these days? I’m sorry, what?!!! That’s INSANE.

We have kids and house and pets and we like holidays. There’s no way in hell we are spending the equivalent of a house deposit, or two brand new cars, on a giant party to celebrate our wedding. I refuse to pay $150 + (and I’m being conservative there) per person for a reception, sorry friends. I just won’t do it.

Would it be weird to have a wedding that is only a ceremony? I mean, that’s the wedding part of the ‘wedding’ after all right. That begins the marriage. Can we just invite people to a ceremony and be all ‘yep, that’s it, you saw us get married, show’s over folks’.

Shouldn't it be about the ceremony, not the party afterwards.

Obviously, yes we COULD do that, but people expect more. And that’s why wedding planning is hard.

Yes, it’s about us and it’s our day and all that but society has put completely overrated expectations on couples and their wedding day and that makes it hard to get excited about planning and booking things when it’s tiresome and expensive.

Of course we still want to get married but I’m just so over the planning. Can anyone else relate?

So many phones calls and appointments and strangers telling me what I should do because it is ‘in’. I don’t care if it’s ‘in’, we want our wedding our way.

To everyone who told me it was hard work, I believe you. It IS hard work, and I’m so over it.

Maybe we’ll just elope…

Are you engaged or married? Did you get over planning your wedding?

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