The families of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here finalists have invaded the jungle.

Brenda Fevola, Laurina Fleure and Paul Harrogan have been stuck in the South African jungle for the past six weeks.

And, leading up to the finale, the families of the last three contestants are being flown over for a long-awaited reunion.

Alex Fevola, wife of Brendan, and their three daughters – Mia, Lenni and Lulu, will be travelling for the final episode.

i'm a celebrity family reunions
Brendan’s family. Wife, Alex, with daughters, Mia, Lenni and Lulu. Image via Network Ten.

Alex has said that Brendan’s experience in the jungle has given him a “new perspective” on life and reformed his controversial reputation.

“Just having so much time to think has really given him a new perspective on a lot of things. I think it has been an amazing experience for him,” she said.

“He loves any kind of challenge anyway but also probably give people a chance to see him more as he is.

Watch the sneak peek of the moments they are reunited with their families. (Post continues after video.)

“He did make a few mistakes early on and they were so blown out of proportion, it was like he couldn’t put a foot right.


“It has been hard for him to get out from under that and it has taken a good long time out of the public eye and bit of maturing as well and he has come back and done this and been able to be seen really for the first time as he actually is.”

Paul Harragon’s wife and two sons will also be there for the reunions, however, his daughter will not be able to be there.

Harragon – who has been deemed ‘The Chief’ – has embraced his role as a supportive leader of the camp.

i'm a celeb family reunion
The families. Image via Channel 10.

“He is a great supporter of everyone and tries to make sure everyone is okay,” his wife, Pam said. “He looks like he’s had an amazing journey.”

Flying over for Laurina is her boyfriend, Lewis Romano. The couple who have been dating for eight months have already moved in together.

“I think she’s made it this far because she’s just so polarising,” said Romano. “But she’s also true to herself, independent and self-assured and I think that creates for some pretty good entertainment.”

Laurina in the jungle and with her boyfriend. Images via Instagram @laurinafleure

He also confirmed Laurina was definitely there to win the competition – not just for a good time.

“She’s a strategic game player, she’s not manipulative in the sense that she doesn’t play games with people but for the actual show that she’s doing, she does figure out people pretty quickly and people don’t realise the acts a little bit aloof and keeps her cards close to her chest…”.

When asked if he had any intention on proposing to Laurina whilst in the jungle, Romana laughed it off.

“Who knows? I won’t be proposing this weekend unless the production company wants to give me $100 000 to do so and then they’ll get a good finale.”

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