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'I actually don’t have cleavage.' I'm a Celeb's Charlotte Crosby on being born with congenital symmastia.

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby has spoken about her experiences with a unique condition and plastic surgery on tonight’s episode of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!.

In a candid conversation with her campmates, the 29-year-old spoke about being born with a rare condition called congenital symmastia.

Charlotte had webbing across the midline of her breasts which meant she didn’t have any cleavage. In 2017, the reality TV star consulted a plastic surgeon for corrective surgery, when she was talked into also getting breast implant surgery.

“You know how you’ll have a cleavage and your breast bones in the middle? Well my breast tissue runs across my breast bone, so I actually don’t have a cleavage,” she explained. “I thought ‘you know what, I’d love to wear low-cut tops.'”

“I went to get a consultation from the surgeon (for correction) with no thought of getting implants, and then he suggested implants at the same time. When I was sat there I was kind of wrapped up in it and thought ‘oh, maybe that’ll look nice’ so I went ahead with it,” she said.

“It [made me] feel 10 times bigger than what I was.”

Charlotte Crosby shares her views on cosmetic surgery on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. Post continues below.

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In the end, she had them removed after a year’s worth of wear.

“I was 545 cc. I was huge,” she said.

“They only lasted a year. I didn’t like them, I don’t know why I did it.”


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Despite her negative experience with her breast implants, she remains an advocate for plastic surgery.

“There’s a big strong argument: you shouldn’t rush into it, you shouldn’t do it at a young age, you should pick a very good surgeon, you shouldn’t be doing anything stupid to yourself if you don’t need it, but if you’ve got something that makes you lack in confidence massively, then go and bloody change it,” she shared, in a behind-the-scenes interview.

“You’ve got one life, don’t live it in misery and insecureness.”


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Speaking to The Sun in May 2019 just two weeks after her implant removal procedure, she shared her reasons for having them removed. She said she began experiencing “really bad shooting pains and dull aches” in her left breast, which led to fears that her body was rejecting her implant.


“I went to the doctor and they said it was the beginning of something which means your body is rejecting the implant so it’s not something that happens instantly, it happens gradually over time,” she said.

“He felt around the area and said there was a lot of inflammation in there. The breast itself was feeling really hot.

‘Boob jobs’ aside, Charlotte also touched on her nose job surgery, which she said was the “best thing I ever did”.

“My nose had a bump, a big hump in. And I thought I’m going to wait a good few years and after five years I thought ‘no, I’ve got to go for it’ and it was the best thing I did. So glad,” she said.


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Plastic surgery revelations aside, tonight’s episode of I’m a Celebrity… also saw Charlotte finally reveal her feelings for Married at First Sight’s Ryan Gallagher.

After minutes of awkward banter at the campsite sink, a failed attempt at a kiss and an interruption from ‘funny man’ Dilruk Jayasinha – *makes a joke about comedic timing* – the end of the episode finally saw the couple kiss while their other campmates were sleeping.

We just hope they brushed their teeth beforehand. We can’t imagine a bigger mood killer than jungle breath.

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