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Just every single clue about who's heading into the 'I'm a Celebrity' jungle.

With the new year comes an all-new season of the beloved reality television show ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!‘, hosted by dynamic duo Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown.

Next year’s season will see a new class of celebrities enter the South African Jungle as they’re stripped of their life luxuries all for the sake of our entertainment. And we love it.

Airing on January 5, 2020, Channel 10 has already revealed celebrity chef Miguel Maestre as the first contestant.

Earlier this month, Daily Telegraph reported that among the celebrities entering the jungle will be Sophie Monk, Tommy Little and Tom Williams. Also rumoured are Love Island‘s Erin Barnett and AFL Player Dale Thomas.

Keeping the speculation alive, Channel 10 this week released interviews with the cast, placing emojis over their faces and distorting their voices. Yet despite the attempts at disguise, several fans have commented that they are now completely convinced the Erin Barnett rumours are true.

Here are the clues for the celebrities. Let the guessing games begin!

1. A controversial comedian

im a celebrity australia 2020
Image: Channel 10.

The first celebrity clue tells us a famous comedian will be entering the South African jungle.

Not much is known about the celebrity other than the comedian is controversial, and that the "blonde is no barbie".

2. Television megastar

im a celebrity australia 2020
Image: Channel 10.

According to Network 10, this television star is also an "international party animal [who] likes to prove her critics wrong".

They further revealed the megastar is a woman who is "a hit with the tabloids".

Rumoured celeb: Lindsay Lohan.

3. Leading lady

im a celebrity australia 2020
Image: Channel 10.

This celebrity is apparently a familiar face to Australian households and a "Leading Lady" in her field.

Network 10 adds that this celebrity is an Order Of Australia recipient who knows how to put on a show.

Rumoured celeb: Rhonda Burchmore.

4. Reality TV beauty

im a celebrity australia 2020
Image: Channel 10.

This reality TV beauty was reportedly last seen in "a tropical paradise", which means one of two shows: Love Island or Bachelor in Paradise.

The network has said the reality television star is a "blonde beauty".

Rumoured celeb: Love Island's Erin Barnett.

5. Footy legend

im a celebrity australia 2020
Image: Channel 10.

According to the network, not only is this celebrity known for his skills on the field, but he's a larrikin off the field too.

"One of the biggest characters the game has seen."

Rumoured celeb: Dale Thomas.

6. Famous DJ

im a celebrity australia 2020
Image: Channel 10.

Channel 10 says this famous DJ also has a penchant for making crowds laugh.

Oh, and the DJ has a Logie too.

7. Dreamy television presenter

im a celebrity australia 2020
Image: Channel 10.

The next celebrity clue is a television host "with a rig to boast".

He is a radio and television presenter who "once famously lost his shirt".

Rumoured celeb: Tommy Little.

8. YouTube star


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Most recently, Channel 10 revealed a YouTube star with over a million subscribers will also be entering the I'm A Celebrity cast.

The rumoured celeb, according to the comments left by fans, is Isaac Butterfield, a controversial Australian comedian.

I'm A Celebrity will air on Channel 10, premiering January 5 2020. 

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