“I’ll have what’s in HER underpants, please.”

This is Jenna Jameson the porn star with a wax model of herself. Not sure which is which.

Celebrity genitals are not two words I ever thought I’d write in the
same sentence. Never say never, people.
From the US – naturally – comes the thrilling news that there’s a new
role model in plastic surgery clinics: porn star Jenna Jameson. Just
like at the hairdressers, it’s long been standard for women and men to
rock up to their surgeon clutching a picture of the celebrity whose
body part they covet. Nicole’s nose is popular. Angelina’s mouth.
Salma’s breasts. George Clooney’s cheeks. Daniel Craig’s eyes.And now? Jenna Jameson’s vagina.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 1000 vagina-altering procedures were performed in 2006, 30 percent more than in 2005. Inexplicably and frighteningly, a rubber mould of Jenna’s genitals is already available online. The cost of a real one is considerably more. In a bizarre twist, the career of Ms Jameson was recently placed in jeopardy after the porn star herself underwent surgery in that area and it went horribly wrong. Perhaps that’s why a recent article in the British Medical Journal condemned “designer vaginas” as dangerous and needless. None of that Hollywood nonsense for the sensible Brits.

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