The biggest name in Aussie music challenged the internet to a duel. Backfires beautifully.

Poor Iggy Azalea, she just can’t catch a break lately.

After being reprimanded on a public forum by another rapper with an incredibly similar name, Azealia Banks, the Australian rapper has now learned the hard way that you should never, ever, tweet a rhetorical question. Because the Internet just won’t get it.

Let us explain: Iggy just challenged the Internet to a duel and it backfired beautifully.

She tweeted, ‘Name a rapper better than me.’

And the Internet, in true fashion,delivered brilliant responses.



And also:


Oh, Iggy. Let’s hope you learn from this and think before you tweet next time. Or don’t, because this has provided us with at least 15 minutes worth of entertainment.

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