FLUFF: Ear pieces are not Iggy Azalea's friend.

Iggy Azalea

There are lots of things that Iggy Azalea is fantastic at:

Topping the US Billboard Chart? Tick.

Being the swaggiest person ever to hail from Mullumbimby, NSW? Tick.

Incorporating native flora into her stage name? Tick.

But unfortunately Iggy’s rapid rise to stardom has taught us that there is one thing that Iggy isn’t fantastic at:

Starting her song in the right spot.

Or, more accurately, using an ear piece to start singing her song in the right spot.

This tiny flaw of Ms. I-G-G-Y’s first came to our attention during an appearance on the US version of Dancing With the Stars.

But, it seems that Iggy and her cue technology still aren’t getting along.

Here she is in a recent video performing alongside Jennifer Lopez in Chicago. They’re lip syncing and while J-Lo’s technology seemed to be working a-okay, Iggy’s most definitely wasn’t.

Dance it off, Iggy. Just dance it off.