If this is your partner's first Father's Day we have a few ideas for you

There comes a moment when a new dad suddenly realises that Father's Dad is about more than a picking out a new tie for his own father. It's about him.  So how can you help ensure his first father's day is special?

Make it his day — and bring your baby along. When you are new parents, it's easy to forget all the things you (and he) used to love to do pre-baby. So pack up the kids and head off to watch a sport game or go to a motor show. Do something that you will enhoy and he will love. Of course you'll have to make sure its suitable for the kids

Make him breakfast in bed: There are few things a new dad (or mum) wants more than some extra hours to sleep in. And since you'll probably be awake early feeding the baby, consider making some brekky for him while you're at it. Even easier: Pick up some pastries from a local bakery and, voilà, instant feast.

Have your baby make his own card. Use a washable, child-safe, non-toxic inkpad to decorate the card with your baby's tiny hand and feet prints. Even easier: Take a photo of your baby  next to (or holding) a piece of paper that says, "I love you, Daddy!"

Start a tradition. No doubt you're both sleep-deprived and busy adjusting to life with a new baby. Starting a simple tradition that you repeat each year — whether it's a picnic at your favourite park or taking an annual photo of Dad and your baby in the same place — can be a sweet way to celebrate new fatherhood.

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