I wonder what she was thinking when she got dressed on Melbourne Cup Day?

Amanda Nankervis.

This photo appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday. The woman posing so seductively is Amanda Nankervis, a fixture on the Sydney social circuit. She used to be married to an advertising executive, is in her forties and I believe she now studies at university where she collects degrees. No dummy this one.

Clearly, she reckons she looks pretty good so I must applaud her confidence. It must be far more fun to live inside her skin than that of someone insecure who feels miserable about themselves. In case you’re wondering – because I was –  they’re apparently hot pants she’s wearing, not a mini-skirt. I am unsure whether that makes things better or worse but I thought it should be noted.

The woman wearing a hat standing on the left is certainly noting a whole lot of things about this outfit. Her expression is quite heaven.

Anyway, what’s on my mind this week is the whole idea of looking sexy when you’re no longer in your twenties. If you haven’t checked out the new Spice Girls video, scroll down for some more inspiring ideas that involve a tight skirt and your bra. Or a bondage outfit. Don’t forget the bizarre six-pack of abs helpfully modelled by newish mum Geri Halliwell. And then there’s Tori Spelling, swinging around a pole in her underwear to flaunt her post-baby body. Special.

I’m sure it is possible to be both dignified and sexy when you’re over 25, isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

Nominations are open, people.

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