"You're all wrong about the new Barbecue Shapes."

If you’re not aware of the PR nightmare Arnott’s is currently trying to grapple with about their new and improved Shapes biscuits, then you obviously live under a rock.

Or perhaps you have actual stuff to do.

Either or.

Anyway. Arnott’s, that great Australian icon owned by Campbell’s in the United States, have a delicious range of snack crackers called Shapes. Shapes come in a variety of, yes, shapes and flavours.

Shapes, which are baked and not fried as some sort of loose hat tip towards health, have recently launched their ‘new and improved’ range.

And, well, The People are not happy, which we reported yesterday.

The whole point of #bbqshapes was eating the delicious red flavour from the bottom of the packet. Not digging the new “improved” ones.


Okay. That’s strong language. R U OK?

But the thing is guys. I tried the new Barbecue Shapes yesterday, and they’re quite good.

Cool your jets too, because I’m not the only one. Some industrious person has started a Facebook page in mild support of the new Shapes, named I didn’t mind the ‘new and improved’ Shapes.

So far, the page enjoys the overwhelming support of two likes, one of which is mine.


It’s time to open your minds, Australia.

Stop hoarding the old ones. Stop trying to flog them on ebay for $50 a pop. Post continues after video…

Get a box of the new Barbecue Shapes. Take a deep breath. Rip the box open. Tear the foil packet. Reach in. Get a biscuit. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Lose your pre-conceived notions of what might make something un-Australian and put the cracker in your mouth.

Because you shouldn’t knock something until you try it.

Know this, however, Arnott’s. If you fuck with the Chicken Crimpy’s I will cut you.