Mia: How I totally sucked at motherhood this week

Are you brave enough to share?

Even though I now have three children at school, I find the first few days and weeks of first term unimaginably stressful. I’m always the mother who forgets to send the library bag on the right day. Forgets which day they’re allowed to have a lunch order. Forgets to pack the art smock. Doesn’t cover the books by the designated day.

This week was a doozy of parenting FAILS.

First, I forgot to send a gold coin to school with my son for his first-ever trip to the canteen. The kindy kids are only allowed to go buy a treat on Mondays. My kid had no coin. So no treat.

Next, on one day I forgot to pack a drink bottle for my daughter who came home with a dehydration headache (I may be guilty of making her scared of bubblers “because you can catch germs”). And the drink bottle I packed for my son didn’t have the lid on properly and leaked all over this bag. Also dehydrated.

For my final FAIL, I managed to not order my daughter’s year 3 textbooks. Any of them. Apparently there was a list that was sent home last year. Along with a stationary list which I also didn’t get. Who is the only child in Year 3 without books? She would be mine.

So there are my parenting FAILS for this week. I really believe it’s a cathartic experience to share your parenting triumphs and fails. Or both. Go your hardest. No judgement.

Your turn…