I don’t know what I think about this. Perhaps you can help me work it out.


Brooke Shields and her husband and two daughters have appeared in an ad for a brand of towels called Royal Velvet. The picture is cute enough although the towels? A little tacky. Anyway.

One part of me says “Not cool to sell your family”.
And another part says “Don’t be so judgemental. Her family, her decision. Everyone needs to make a buck. Why shouldn’t she?”
As I post this, the two parts are still fighting.

Helpfully (defensively?), Brooke issued a statement when the ad was released this week…..

Brooke said:

“At this point in my career, I only do projects that I believe in.
Royal Velvet made sense for me and my family because it felt authentic and
it is a classic brand with amazing products. A
royal moment for me is when one of my daughters holds my face in her hands
and says, ‘oh, so pretty mama,’ it makes me feel like a princess.”



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