The 5 most emotional moments from the premiere of 'I Am Cait'.

Well. That was amazing.

If there’s anything the Kardashians do well, it’s reality TV. It’s a craft they and their extended family have honed over ten years.

And today, the premiere episode of Caitlyn Jenner‘s docu-series, I Am Cait, any preconceptions about this show being another “trashy” jewel in the Kardashians’ crown will be broken.

A promo image for ‘I Am Cait’. Image via Facebook/I Am Cait.

It was gutwrenching. Touching. Beautiful. And yes, at times even funny.

It was a moment of television where transgender rights were at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And if I Am Cait is set out to achieve anything, it’s that when it comes to transgender issues, the world is now listening.

I Am Cait was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. Caitlyn Jenner, we’re watching. And we are enthralled.

Here are the top five most emotional moments of the premiere.

1. The moment Kylie Jenner met Caitlyn for the first time.

Seventeen-year-old Kylie showed up to Caitlyn’s house and was “nervous” about their meeting. But to viewers, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. You can watch that moment below. Post continues after video.

Video via I am Cait

2. Kanye West’s speech to Caitlyn about how strong she is.

Kanye and Kim showed up at Caitlyn’s house and offered some words of support to the 65-year-old Olympian. Kanye gave a speech about how strong Caitlyn is to transition.

“I think this is one of the strongest things that have happened in our existence as human beings that are so controlled by perception,” Kanye said.

“You couldn’t have been up against more. Your daughter’s a supermodel, you’re a celebrity, you have every type of thing ever, it’s still like ‘fuck everybody, this is who I am’.”

i am cait review
Kanye and Caitlyn embracing on the show. Image via E!

3. The touching moment between Caitlyn and her mum, Esther.

Caitlyn’s mum, Esther, featured heavily in the episode. From watching Caitlyn shake with nerves before Esther arrived at the house to Esther saying to Caitlyn, “You have the same soul you were born with,” any moment with these two was just beautiful.

i am cait review
Caitlyn’s mum, Esther, with Caitlyn in a group hug. Image via E!

4. Caitlyn discussing her fears about being a transgender icon.

There was a rare moment early on in the episode when Caitlyn filmed herself talking at 4.30am about her fears.

“Am I going to do everything right? Am I going to say the right things? Do I project the right image?” she said to the camera. “My mind’s just spinning with thoughts. I just hope I get it right. I hope I get it right.”

5. Speaking about the future and reflecting on the murder and suicide rates among the transgender community.

The final scenes in this episode show Caitlyn travelling to meet the family of transgender teen Kyler Prescott, who took his own life after being bullied for who he was.

Caitlyn and Kyler’s mum released balloons in his honour and spoke to Kyler’s friends.

“Seek help, you just have to get through the day,” Caitlyn told his friends.

The verdict is out — I Am Cait is one of the most inspirational shows on television at the moment. And if this episode is anything to go by, we’re expecting big things from the rest of the series.

I Am Cait will air tonight on Foxtel’s E! channel at 9.30pm AEST.

Will you be watching? 

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