Even your nails aren't immune to the '90s renaissance.

Image: Instagram (Maz Compton)

Mini buns. Coloured mascara. Stretchy choker necklaces. It’s hard to believe for anyone who lived through them the first time around, but the 1990s are firmly back in vogue.

There are probably a lot of things you wore in the ’90s that you deeply regret now, but you will undoubtedly still hold a flame for Hypercolour, the clothing that miraculously changed colour when heat was applied.

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Judging by this glorious ad from 1991, the whole point of the range was to give horny young things an excuse to put their hands all over one another at raves (“No seriously, babe, I just want to admire the heat-sensitive technology…”)

(Side note: is that video not the most ’90s thing you’ve ever seen? The music, the dancing, people wearing clothing five sizes too big for them…)

Although Hypercolour clothing is yet to make a serious comeback, the trend has been reincarnated in another form: nail polish.

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This was brought to our attention earlier by radio host Maz Compton, who shared a photo on Instagram of her nails coated in varnish that changes colour according to temperature. “Hyper colour nail polish … I was holding a drink in my left hand,” Maz wrote. Here’s the result:


But there's just one teeny-tiny problem: this miraculous 'mood ring for your nails' doesn't seem to be abundantly available here in Australia. Frustratingly, there are several UK/US/Canada-based brands with products like this in their stable, including Rubywing, Delosol and In The Mood.

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Aussie shoppers, you have limited options for the time being. Ebay has some colour changing polishes available (try this link), and there's also a local brand called Bys that has a Colour Change range. According to the website, Bys stockists include Kmart, Glassons, Bardot and the Reject Shop.

We'll keep our ears out for any more news on the Hypercolour nail polish front. Until then, you can keep reminiscing about the '90s by clicking through this gallery of our favourite beauty icons from the decade.

What was your favourite '90s trend? Did you ever own Hypercolour clothes?