TikTokers are using band-aids to help clear their acne. But does it actually work?

TikTok is a questionable place when it comes to new beauty trends. Like, super freaking questionable. Specifically, when people were SHAVING DOWN THEIR TEETH WITH NAIL FILES to show us how to make our teeth 'even' at home.

God bless them. So thoughtful.

But in a shocking turn of events, the latest trend might *actually* be useful. No, seriously you guys. 

Y'see people have been using band-aids to clear up their breakouts, and it's actually kinda.... genius.

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They're not your regular run-off-the-mill band-aids, though - they're hydrocolloid bandages. You know those band-aids you get when you have a blister on your heel? Them.


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Did you hear that? 'Magic acne band-aids'.

Do band-aids help clear pimples?

So, why are people doing this? 

Well blister bandages, or hydrocolloid dressings, are basically the same kinda thing as those little pimple patches you buy at the shop. 

The hydrocolloids (which are composed of gelatin, pectin, and carboxymethylcellulose, just in case you were wondering), work by drawing out the inflammation and fluids produced by a wound, preventing bacterial infection.

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In fact, those little pimples patches you buy at the shops are actually hydrocolloid patches. Meaning? They do the same kinda thing.

It almost seems too good to be true, right?


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Similar to your trusty pimple patches, a hydrocolloid band-aid basically helps draw the moisture out of your pimple (pus, dirt, oil and all that jazz), reducing inflammation (redness, swelling and such), speeding up the healing process. Leave it on overnight and your spot will appear flatter and less like the size of a 5c piece. 

How good!


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The best part? If you're a serial pimple popper (all of us), the band-aid will keep you from touching and picking at it with your manky little mitts, minimising the risk of scarring.

Do band-aids work on all pimples?

Hydrocolloid band-aids might not work best on all kinds of pimples, so just be wary of this. 


While they won't do a whole heap for things like blackheads, they can help with whiteheads and those deep cystic pimples that are so deep and pulsing, you kinda feel like you have a second heartbeat. You know the ones? They'll help draw spots like this up to the surface.

For blackheads and that kind of stuff, you're probably best using hydrocolloid pimples patches that contain an active ingredient - like salicylic acid (helps unclog pores). 

Where can I buy hydrocolloid band-aids?

Pretty much anywhere! And they're cheap, too. 

We love cheap.

Band-Aid Advanced Healing Hydro Seal Blister, $7.

Image: Band-Aid 

How magical.

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