'My husband's ex has given a name to her newborn baby that's left me fuming.'

Baby names can be a territorial thing. Partners spend months whispering possibilities to each other over the dinner table, while falling asleep, passing each other in the hallway…

Upon finding one you like, you can’t help but feel like it’s your own. No one else is allowed to take it, especially not close family or friends. Especially not your husband’s ex-partner, who he also has a child with.

“His ex, who he already has a son with, who has just had a baby has actually stolen the name we were going to use,” one mum has posted to Mumsnet.

“We are on amicable terms and she knew what name we had chosen, now she has robbed it. We call the baby by this name and it is THE name we want, but his son can’t have two sisters called the same thing can he?! Livid.”


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The response  from fellow mums has been varied.

Some say she’s overreacting

Why shouldn’t she use a name she likes? She doesn’t own you anything. You’re being completely unreasonable.

Get a grip , you can’t steal a name, nobody owns a name.

Oh dear, “stolen/robbed” a name… is that actually possible? You have told someone of your intention to name a child x and they have chosen to use it, no theft involved!

Others feel her pain

Why don’t you switch the first and middle names then? I presume you also like the middle name… Very annoying though. I understand how put out you must feel. Baby names can get quite emotive within family / close friend circles.

I’d be fuming! She knew! And bloody stole it! I’d use it anyway. B*tch! Seriously, I’m annoyed on your behalf.

I’m usually in the ‘you don’t own a name camp’ but c’mon….she knew the name…it’s a bit shitty. She could’ve mentioned beforehand that she liked it/was thinking of it too.


Of course it’s bloody not on! It’s very odd and slightly mean of her to use the name you were going to use for your own baby.

"His ex, who he already has a son with, who has just had a baby has actually stolen the name we were going to use." Image via iStock.

There were stories from others who'd been there

My friend's son has two half-sisters who are the equivalents of Isobel and Isabella and only 5 months apart in age. Their dad got his wife and his girlfriend pregnant.

We have so many 'Johns' in our family... We have to use surnames to confirm which one your talking about...  You call your baby whatever you wish.

My dear husband has two Charlottes as half sisters. I also have a Charlotte.

Finally, there was this one, seemingly golden, piece of advice

This is the reason why nobody should tell anyone their chosen name.

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