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The heartbreaking images that show what true love really is.

It can take a lot to make the online world stop and think, but this is the image that’s done it.

Posted by Redditor Mininni, it shows his parents, both in intensive care, his mum sedated, his dad hours from death, saying a final, tender goodbye.

The couple were wheeled in to be with each other, both of them on life support.

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Mininni’s dad, in the last, awful stages of lung cancer, was a admitted to ICU a day before his mother.

“He was diagnosed for the third time with lung cancer and my mom suffered a heart attack the very next day. He was about to have his breathing tube removed for the last time, and even with my mom sedated he needed to say goodbye. “Both admitted at Kingston General Hospital, side by side rooms in the ICU. It’s the first time in the hospital’s history two patients on life support were brought into the same room to be together. He passed away peacefully May 4th.”

Asked by the Reddit community how he would remember his parents, he responded with a picture that was even more moving (if that’s possible). “My mom is home recovering now, heartbroken but recovering. People have been asking for a photo of how I remember them. I will remember this:

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“Always together, no matter what.”

He also describes his last visit with his father.

“I walked in his room and his face lit up like a child, not being able to speak he just grabbed my hand tight. As I told him I loved him with all my might, he took my hand and kissed it. We watched hockey for a little, and then he went and saw my mom. Last thing I said is thank you for teaching me how to be a man, I love you so so much.”

A series of pretty off questions about his father’s smoking habit and Mininni’s motives in posting the image were quickly shut down by other Redditors.

And that was a comfort to the son who had lost his dad and whose mum faces an uncertain outcome.

“All these comments of well wishes has helped me so so much I can’t explain my gratitude,” he wrote.

“Thank you all so so so much for your well wishes, I want to hug and thank each one of you so much. I’ve truly been struggling but today has helped a ton.”

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