A woman's husband missed her honeymoon, so she went alone. Very alone.

Let’s be frank: there are very few things that could really ruin a honeymoon.

Sure, your flights could get cancelled and your hotel could have bedbugs and you could get food poisoning from that amazing place overlooking the water, but ease and comfort aren’t what honeymoons are about!

In fact, as long as you’re loved-up and together, your honeymoon will probably be full of happy memories and hilarious stories.

Unless, you’re like Huma Mobin, who booked an incredible tour around Santorini with her new husband before finding out that he… couldn’t come.

Huma and Arsalaan on their wedding day. Image via Facebook.

Despite months of meticulous planning, Huma's husband Arsalaan couldn't get a visa in time for the trip.

Instead of throwing a full-blown, fists-flying, toddler-style tantrum, Huma did the reasonable thing and went without him.

Oh, and she invited her new parents-in-law along for good measure.

Of course, she couldn't just pretend she wasn't on her honeymoon. Facebook was practically demanding sweet photos of the couple in exotic locations. So she gave the people the next best thing: a series of incredible shots of herself mourning the fact that she was taking the trip alone.

Image via Facebook.

Yep, every romantic location Huma visited, she got her in-laws to take a photo of her. Alone.

Image via Facebook.

No, really. In every place she went.

Image via Facebook.

So, let this be a lesson for all of us -- if you book a honeymoon, make sure both newlyweds are able to attend.

And if you can't?

Well, our new idol Huma is a pretty good role model.

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