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A man has posted a picture of his wife in her period clothes. Oh, yes he did.

Personally I think the socks look rather comfy.

A man – either very brave or very stupid has dared to go THERE – where he of the male variety should never tread – and publicly shamed his wife’s comfy period jammies.

The man dared to posted the picture on Reddit with the caption, “This is my wife’s ‘don’t fucking touch me I’m on my period’ outfit.”

Oh, yes he really did.

Posting under the username chrisflynn85 his image shows his wife complete in grey cheetah-printed pajama pants  with a baby-blue, snowman-patterned robe ( which looks quite heavenly). Her pants are tucked into a pair of deliciously warm wool socks – and surely just out of sight is a cup of steaming tea and a packet of Tim Tams.

Reddit users responded to the man the way they should have – with complete and total outrage.

“Holy shit, am I your wife? Because I’m wearing almost the exact same thing right now. Accented by chocolate ice cream stains.” wrote one.

“Holy shit, am I your wife? Because I’m wearing almost the exact same thing right now.”

“Mine’s a pink onesie with a hood. When I was pregnant I looked like a f**king  telletubby. And I would totally share that pic with y’all here and now, if I could find it.”

Another, a little more forceful “I’d f**king kill you, were I your wife. That’s not cool man.”

One man wrote: “I’m a 25 year old male and aside from this print, I wear nearly exactly that every single day when I get home from work. I am wearing it right now.”

The man later posted that he didn’t realise his picture would go viral and he *joked* he was seeking out divorce lawyers.

“‘S**t” he wrote “didn’t realize this would get so many upvotes…. If she sees this, pms is going to move to defcon 5.

Ha ha ha. Jokes.