'I've found my husband always chatting with his friend's wife. Their messages disturb me.'

A concerned wife has turned to the anonymous forums of Reddit after she says she discovered her husband’s long message history with his best friend’s wife.

The 22-year-old told readers her husband, 26,  is open about them speaking but doesn’t disclose everything they say in messages.

“I can’t help but be slightly curious as to what they have to talk about, so I went through his messages with her and oftentimes they talk about me and what’s ‘wrong’ with me,” she wrote.

“For instance he would say ‘she’s mad’ and she would reply, ‘when is she not mad?'”

“It was sometimes about how I never, ‘put out’ when he wants me to, it upset me pretty bad.”

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The woman went on to share her suspicion that a recent message was linked to an unusual post on social media.

"She declared him her 'best friend' in a message one day and being emotional af (weeks later) she posted a status on Facebook that says this,'Many people are friends best friend, only one' and removed it after about 10 minutes... which is totally sketchy to me," she wrote.

The worried spouse said that although she had her own insecurities, she truly believed something more than friendship was being exchanged.

"I admit I am a jealous person, and I am very insecure, but I also know how females can be. I can't help but think the worst will happen," she wrote.

"I honestly believe she sees my husband as more than a friend - that's just how it looks to me."

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The post ended with a request for readers to suggest how she could approach her husband about the situation.

"This is an emotional affair. Your husband shouldn't be talking bad about you to another woman. It's clear the woman is disenfranchised with her own relationship and is latching onto your husband. Your husband is leading her on further and isn't making things better by putting you down in front of this woman," one commenter wrote.

"I think she wants to f-ck him but I think he's just being friendly and isn't aware. He also just seems like he appreciates being able to vent to a female perspective, just for the sake of venting," another wrote.

The outcome is yet to be shared by the original poster.