More and more women are dropping one big item off their perfect guy checklist.

There were two non-negotiable items on my “future husband” check list.

One: Must be taller than me.

Two: Must be older than me.

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It’s pretty stereotypical to have a husband who is taller and older than you. While I can’t quite figure out where the height thing came from, I assume the age criteria comes from the fact that men aren’t as mature as women. (Sorry, guys, you know it’s true.) So, by having a guy older than you gets the maturity level on par.

"There were two non-negotiable items on my 'future husband' check list." Image via iStock.

In my early twenties, I once kissed a guy who turned out to be younger than me. He told me his age (at my request) after he'd taken my number. When he called a couple of days later, I ignored his phone call. Yes, I am cruel and heartless. For some reason the minute he told me his age (I think he was only a year younger than me), his hotness level plummeted.

I asked around the office and found out that my checklist was very similar to other women. They all hated the notion of dating someone younger than them. More than often, listing the disadvantages of dating a younger guy over the advantages (some couldn't even think of advantages).

Forward to the present, I am married to a man who is 18 months younger than me. Did I finally grow up and see the error and immaturity in my "future husband" checklist? No. I just didn't find out how old he was until I was madly in love with him.

Do I care that he is 18 months younger than me? Yes. It drives me insane. There are six months of the year where he is "one year younger than me". We don't talk about the other six months of the year when the age gap is bigger. Each Christmas my family has a tradition of having the youngest to oldest open one present at a time. Every Christmas, I am reminded he is younger than me. Multiple times.

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The thing is, I'm part of a trend. Back when my grandmother or mum got married, marrying a younger guy was unheard of. It was weird. But 75 per cent of my friends in serious relationships are with a younger man.

"We don't talk about the six months of the year when there is a bigger age difference." Image via iStock.

EliteSingles conducted a survey and found that men in their 20s preferred women three or six years older than themselves. Ditching the notion that men only like younger women because they had more child bearing years ahead of them.

Medical Daily says that with the change in gender roles, men see older women as being able to handle more. Sam Owen, ElitesSingles Partner psychologist, believes, "young men nowadays probably also recognise that older women are adept at diligently juggling so many responsibilities (career, children, housekeeping, fitness, finances, socialising), which makes them intriguing and attractive and a more secure option."

However, us women seem to still be stuck in our way of thinking older equals mature. Women are more likely to want someone older than themselves and if they do go younger, three years is the limit.

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All this is true when I asked my friends and colleagues. One is married to a guy one year younger than them... and would never go any younger. She says the age difference makes her feel old (she always thought she would marry someone older than her). My friends who would NEVER date a younger guy say it comes down to seeing them as less mature. "A bit less life perspective," one described a guy she ditched because of his youth.

While another said that dating a guy almost ten years younger than her meant that she was always trying to "be young" and found there was no decent conversation.

So...have you or would you ever date a man younger than you?