Husband asks wife for sandwich. Wife has a fist-pumping response.

Way better response than, “You’ve got two good legs”.

Andrew Park “jokingly commanded” his wife, Koa, to fix him a sandwich.

She obliged, but left her beloved a special message in mustard…

husband asks wife for sandwich
Impressively neat mustard cursive there. Image via Reddit.

The Texan man was pretty impressed with his wife’s creative cursive and uploaded the image to Reddit, where it has been seen by more than 800,000 people.

He told The Huffington Post his wife of five years’ response to his request was suspiciously sweet.

“Then she gracefully placed the plate on my desk in an over-the-top, housewife-caricature type of way and walked off,” he said.

“I looked down and started to laugh and proceeded to ask why there weren’t any chips.”

He said since his wife would probably read the article, the sandwich was “absolutely delicious”.

Let’s hope she doesn’t check the Reddit post, where he actually described it as “mediocre at best”…

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