Friday night warning: If you are a parent, this might happen tomorrow.

Parents, we are issuing a Public Service Announcement.

It might be Friday night. And it might be the last hurrah of Summer before you Febfast, or Febsober, or whatever the hell that thing is that righteous people do at this time of year, but remember, if you have small children, and they get up early and they can not yet be bought off with YouTube and Coco Pops, you need to look at this face:

Berocca. IV drip. Burger. And Peppa Pig on repeat plz.

And then you need to listen to this:

Because, as Editor At Large Jamila Rizvi discovered, there is nothing, nothing, nothing more torturous that trying to look after a tiny child when your head is banging, your stomach is rolling, and you can’t work out… How. To. Do. The. Damn. Pram. Clips.

Luckily for Jamila, who was just initiated into the secret of why the parents of babies prefer drinking early (WINE TIME? WHY YES, IT WILL ALL BE OVER BY 7PM), the more experienced Mia Freedman had the answer to tackling the parental hangover.

You’re welcome, people.

But remember – Drink responsibly. Recover like a legend.

Just like Eddie and Patsy:

Video via BBC

The full episode of OutLoud is here, get into it while you sip your one allotted spritzer:

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