Elizabeth Swaney is a completely average skier who somehow made her way to the Olympics.

Skier Elizabeth Swaney, 33, just managed to hack her way to the PyeongChang Olympic games.

You know that sporting competition that happens every four years and showcases the world’s most elite sportspeople?

Competing in the Olympic women’s halfpipe final qualifier, Swaney skied up and down the pipe without completing a single trick, flip or spin.

Not even one.

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Unsurprisingly Swaney did not qualify for the finals, though she did say she was “disappointed” about the result.

Swaney ‘s final score – 31.40 (out of a possible 100), meant she came in last out of the 24 women competing for the 12-spot final, and yet this was the exact same routine she performed to make it into the Hungary skiing team.


You see… Californian born Swaney managed to find a loop hole in the Olympic system.

NBC reports that competing has been a dream of hers ever since she watched the 1992 Games. Swaney went through the process of joining Team Hungary, a less, shall we say, elite team than the US delegation, which she was able to join due to her Hungarian lineage.

She then competed in multiple World Cup events, eventually making it to the Top 30.

Speaking about sports, we need to talk about why bike sharing isn’t working. Not one bit.

According to online sports publication Deadspin, by sticking to a very basic half-pipe routine, void of tricks, spins and the like, Swaney was at times able to score higher than her competitors who crashed or fell. The skier also benefited from people pulling out of the Olympics due to injury and rules that limit how many competitors one country can send.

Despite her arguably underwhelming performance, she’s making the most of her experience.

“I’m trying to soak in the Olympic experience but also focusing on the halfpipe here and trying to go higher each time and getting more spins in,” she told the Associated Press.

To be honest, we’re not sure how to react to this, but as the saying goes… work smarter, not harder.


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