100 years old and she's a much, much better dancer than you.

Meet Eileen Kramer.

She’s 100 years old and she’s a much, much better dancer than you.

That’s right. She’s 100 years old and she’s about to star in her next production, The Early Ones, at Sydney’s Independent Theatre next month.

According to Kramer, the key to her longevity has been living a ‘creative life’. She’s been in love with dance since she discovered it at age 24.

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“It was the opening of the Blue Danube Waltz… They opened like this and looked up,” said Ms Kramer in an interview with ABC.

“So I fell for it straight away.”

She soon joined the Bodenweiser Dance Company and toured around the world, including South Africa and India.

After spending the past twenty years living in America, Kramer finally returned home to Australia last year at age 99.

“I wanted to hear a kookaburra. I wanted to smell a gumtree,” she said.

Since returning, Ms Kramer has appeared in a video clip for musician Lacey Cole. She was inspired to create The Early Ones after she received sponsorship from the Arts Health Institute and the Arthur Boyd Trust.

Younger dancers Anya McKee and Patrick Harding-Irmer say that working with Kramer has been an amazing experience.

“She’s quite the inspiration and she’s also very well rooted in the history of modern dance in this country,” McKee told ABC.

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“She’s such a beautiful creative spirit and also a really physical body still at 100 years old, so that idea that you need to stop dancing in your 30s – like I am – or your 40s, and you have to get everything done before then, is just gone.”

And for anyone who wants to imitate Kramer’s long and healthy life, she has some very simple advice.

“Try to do creative work, because if you’re dealing with creative work you’re doing something new all the time.”