Read the powerful letter challenging Donald Trump.

The voice of US presidential hopeful Donald Trump may be getting louder as the election campaign rolls on, but one American voter has managed to cut through the slogans to deliver a powerful message.

Posting an open letter on Facebook earlier today, photojournalist and founder of Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton, tackled one of the major issues that continues to plague America as a nation, and one that is gleefully propagated by the real estate mogul and his band of die-hard supporters – racism.

“The hateful one is you,” Stanton powerfully wrote.

humans of new york trump
Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York. Source: Facebook.

In the letter, Stanton describes Trump as “a man who has encouraged prejudice and violence in the pursuit of personal power”.

“I’ve watched you retweet racist images. I’ve watched you retweet racist lies. I’ve watched you take 48 hours to disavow white supremacy. I’ve watched you joyfully encourage violence, and promise to ‘pay the legal fees’ of those who commit violence on your behalf. I’ve watched you advocate the use of torture and the murder of terrorists’ families. I’ve watched you gleefully tell stories of executing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood. I’ve watched you compare refugees to ‘snakes,’ and claim that ‘Islam hates us’.”

Stanton’s letter comes at a critical time in the US election process and following weeks of sidestepping, denial and conflicted messaging from Trump.

humans of new york trump
Trump speaks to a group of supporters. Source: Facebook.

With many fearing that Trump and his oft-silent glamazon wife may win the Republican nomination and potentially make it all the way to the White House, Stanton continues, “You are not a ‘unifier.’ You are not ‘presidential.’ You are not a ‘victim’ of the very anger that you’ve joyfully enflamed for months.”

This week, a rally in Barack Obama’s home city of Chicago had to be cancelled after supporters and protesters began to clash.

Last week at a rally in North Carolina, a white Trump supporter punched a black protester in the face without provocation. The protester was tackled by multiple officers and arrested, while Trump supporters booed him from the stadium.

After being interrupted at a rally in Kentucky two weeks ago, Trump told his supporters to “get him out. Try not to hurt him – if you do, I’ll defend you in court.”

Last year, Trump also yelled at a Black Lives Matter protester, saying, “get him the hell out”.

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And in February, Trump refused to condemn the Ku Klux Klan or its former leader David Duke, who encouraged Klan sympathisers to vote for the eternally pucker-lipped billionaire. Speaking to CNN, Trump said, “Certainly, I would disavow it if I thought there was something wrong.”

In the letter, which was shared with the page’s 17 million followers and has since been shared over 750,000 times since being published, Stanton concludes, “There is no correct time to oppose violence and prejudice. The time is always now.”

Read the full letter below…

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