You and your fur baby can now wear matching pyjamas and IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Attention, dog people of the world: listen up.

You love your dog. More than most people. Okay, more than all people. (LOOK AT HIS TINY SMOOSHY NOSE AND PAWS! HE LICKS YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU??!?!?! But I digress.)

You want to do everything with him. You never want to leave him. Truthfully, you wish you could merge your souls together in a fiery fusion of love and pats on the head, but that’s kind of weird so you’d settle for some cute matching clothes.

Listen: The controversial idea that pets aren’t children (not sold). 

Well, your prayers have been answered. The Big Dog in the Sky (working through US brand FabDog) has granted your wish. You can now buy matching pyjama sets for you and your dog of any size, and the pyjamas are plaid patterned, and you’re both going to be so cozy that I just physically can’t handle it. 

The human PJ pants are unisex, but why are we talking about humans? Look at these dogs WEARING PYJAMAS and just BUY SOME ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!*

* The matching sets are out of stock at the time of writing - because of course they are, they're the best thing to ever happen - but will be back in store soon and ready to be shipped to Australia. Buy them here. 

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