FLUFF: Hugh Jackman, we love you. But what were you thinking?

Hugh Jackman hosts the Tony Awards. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

Hugh Jackman, we adore you.

You have delightful Wolverine biceps, you’re an adorably devoted father and husband, and – let’s be honest – you’re basically a God among men.

But Hugh. What were you thinking when you decided to open the Tony Awards with that weird performance?

If you missed it, Hugh – who was hosting the awards for the fourth time – literally jumped up and down for five minutes at the start of the show, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

The Les Miserables actor, 45, hopped through the audience and onto the stage, before jumping behind the stage at the start of the show.

He also bumped into Sting, Neil Patrick Harris and Clint Eastwood during the opening sequence for the awards, which celebrate excellence in Broadway theatre.

Understandably, social media went into meltdown following the bizarre antics as commentators tried to work out what the Aussie X-Men actor was up to.

The best of the Tony’s red carpet:

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton nailed the overall sentiment by tweeting: “What am I watching right now?” Others tweeted “The Easter Bunny (aka Hugh Jackman) just arrived at the Tonys” and “I think Wolverine is having a breakdown.”

Another actually appreciated the weird move, tweeting: “Hugh Jackman will bounce, Tigger-like, into Tony’s and into our DAMN HEARTS.”

Jackman himself had posted a preview of his hopping antics on Instagram prior to the awards, uploading this cryptic video on Saturday:


Some viewers might assume Hugh was somehow honouring his Australian roots with the kangaroo-like move.

But News.com.au reports there was a method to his madness: the odd sequence was apparently a reference to this song, Take me to Broadway, from the 1953 movie, Small Town Girl.

Hugh, you may have missed the mark with that opening sequence but we still love you. 


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