FLUFF: Hugh Jackman's gym buddy is a surprise.

Hugh Jackman works out. The man’s a beast when he’s training to be Wolverine (GEDDIT?).

We already assumed he spent many hours at the gym, lifting and grunting and all that. But we didn’t know who he did all that with…

H-Jack has just posted a sweaty gym photo with three dudes – and one of those dudes is our very own Prime Minister.

Yep, Tony Abbott works out with Hugh Jackman when they’re in the states.

Oh yeah, and Hugh Jackman also shaved his head and grew his beard, giving the strange impression that he moved his Up-Top hair to his chin. If you need a little help recognising him, that’s Hugh on the left with his arm around PM Abbott.

Let’s zoom on in because we can and we want to.

Hugh + Tony, BFF 4eva.

Wolverine and The PM have bonded recently over adoption reform — Jackman and his lovely wife Deborra-Lee Furness are lifelong advocates for adoption and adoptees’ rights, so it’s a strategic friendship for that reason.

The PM is currently in America to meet with President Obama, dine with Rupert Murdoch, and generally get about blocking global climate change action.

Meanwhile, Jackman is preparing for a role as Blackbeard in the movie Pan. H

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