Hugh Jackman couldn't hide his true feelings about James Franco's Golden Globe win.

In case you missed it, Australian icon, PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2008 and all-round nice guy Hugh Jackman was seated in prime position at yesterday’s Golden Globe Awards.

He was there because a) he is Hugh Jackman so why wouldn’t he be invited, and b) he was nominated for the Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy award for his role as P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman (which, FYI, also stars Zac Efron).

The film was also nominated in the Best Motion Picture and Best Original Song categories.

Things were looking good for Hugh. While the category was a pretty tough one and he wasn’t a clear favourite to win, the 49-year-old seemed… optimistic.

Here he is as his name is read out among the list of nominees by Emma Stone and Shirley MacLaine:

hugh jackman golden globes 2018 happy
"What if.. what if I win?!"

Just look how HAPPY and HOPEFUL he is...

And here is Hugh when he realises that not only did he NOT win, but he lost to The Disaster Artist actor James Franco, whose film centred on the creation of arguably the worst film ever made.

hugh jackman golden globes 2018 sad
hugh jackman golden globes 2018 sad
hugh jackman golden globes 2018 sad

That, my friends, is the face of someone who worked for SEVEN YEARS on a film, only to be tripped at the final hurdle.

The face of someone who's all ready and packed to go to the beach when a huge thunderstorm rolls in out of nowhere.

It's the face of someone whose first thought upon waking up in the morning was, 'Gosh I can't wait to have a glass of Milo today'... only to discover the MILK HAS EXPIRED.

Ladies and gents, there has really never been a more accurate visual depiction of the word 'disappointment'.

It seems Twitter agreed, and Hugh's sad, shocked face was quickly shared around the internet, becoming one of 2018's best memes just nine days into the year.



People were also pretty unhappy that Hugh didn't win anything at all:

It's okay, Hugh, there's always the Oscars, right? We just have to wait until the end of the month to learn the nominations...

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