Hugh Jackman saves swimmers at Bondi. Bless his heroic soul.

Hugh Jackman. He’s really just one of those people who never fails to brighten our days.

Yesterday, while swimming on Bondi Beach, the actor embraced his fictional heroic talents and saved fellow beach-goers from a dangerous rip.

Jackman was swimming with his two children, Oscar and Ava, when the water conditions changed quite rapidly, causing a “nasty swell”.

hugh jackman hero
Jackman with the other swimmers. Image via Channel 9.

Also in the water was former rugby league player, Dan Conn, who grabbed Oscar, 15, and helped him to his dad, and then piggy-backed little Ava, aged 10, back to safety.

A witness on the beach, a former lifeguard, said Jackman acted calmly while getting people to safety.

“He stopped and helped this bloke stand up and also helped his son,” the man told media. “The swell was pretty nasty. It was a beautiful day but the swell was up.”

After saving his children and another man in the water, Jackman then went onto direct other swimmers out the back to move further in.

Just look at him:

hugh jackman hero
LISTEN TO HUGH, PEOPLE. Image via Channel 9.

After doing his best to bring others in, Jackman went back onto the beach to his wife, Deborah Lee-Furness.

A contestant from My Kitchen Rules, Lynzey Murphy, who was also on the beach yesterday had some very kind words to say about Jackman.

“He pulled them calmly onto the sandbar. He then said, ‘All right, we are going to walk towards the flags.’ I was struggling and I’m an experienced swimmer,” Murphy said.

hugh jackman hero
Image via Channel 9.

“He was pretty level-headed. If you start freaking out in front of your children it is only going to make it worse. He said thank you to both Dan and I. He was very kind.”

Isn’t he just?

You can watch the footage in full here. Bless his soul.

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