The KIIS FM radio stunt that could've accidentally killed celebrity chef Huey.

Well, this is one way to nearly accidentally kill the celebrity chef you invited onto your show to do a taste test: feed them the food they’re allergic to.

On Tuesday, KIIS FM’s National Drive show Will and Woody were promoting a new sushi called Wok ‘n’ Woll they had designed themselves.

To launch the product, they invited Huey in to taste-test it on air. Good start, you’d think.

“We had full creative control but we need a professional opinion,” Will McMahon said on air.

However, upon putting the plate in front of the well-known chef, his representative came running into the studio.

“Sorry, stop!” the woman said.

“Ah, Huey might be allergic to these. They may have traces of crustaceans in it.”

Right, well, oops.

“Sh*t — Oh my God,” McMahon said, which sounded like a suitable response given the circumstances.

“I’m just going to have to pretend,” Huey said, before going on:

“Seriously. I’d die. No, no, no, we’ll pretend. I’ll sue you, you bastards,” he joked.

Ahem. Crisis averted, then? Someone give Huey’s representative a pay-rise.

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