UGH. A radio DJ slimed all over a 20-year-old Jennifer Aniston and it is beyond gross.

A young, aspiring actress is subjected to obscene questions by a powerful radio DJ. And the only reason we know is that she now has a very famous name.

Jennifer Aniston is now 46 years old, and a successful actress, producer and business woman. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

But before she was a star a 20-year-old Aniston had only a public theatre production to her name and took on a job as a spokesperson for Nutri-System, a weight-loss company, to supplement her acting income.

She was interviewed, ostensibly about Nutri-system, on shock jock Howard Stern’s radio program in 1989, and News.com.au uncovered the result. It makes for skin-crawlingly sexist and cringeworthy listening.

Jennifer Aniston
Lil Jen: At 20, Aniston was interview by Howard Stern and it’s incredible it didn’t scar her for life. Image via Getty

First, Stern and his co-host made fun of her career, suggesting she could do with “a lesson from a real man”.

After Aniston does her spiel about having lost 15lb with Nutri-System, Stern says he doesn’t believe her, because her “breasts are so full.”

He then speculates that she’s a C-cup and asks her how much she weighs.

Aniston begins talking about her father, who was an actor of Days of Our Lives, but Stern isn’t interested.

“Enough about your father,” he says.

Not too long after the interview, in which Stern told her she needed help with her career, Aniston hit the big-time with Friends

Aniston desperately tries to steer the conversation back towards Nutri-System only to be asked by Stern, “Do you ever bark sexually?” and “When did you lose your virginity?”, “Would you ever do a naked spread in Playboy?” and “Would you ever pose naked in my office if I sketched you?”

He tells her she’s “teasing” him and that she dresses “exactly how he likes.”

“Oh my god, there’s a chipmunk in my undies!” could be the pinnacle of the interview. Hilarious.


“Good thing you don’t have a stepfather,” Stern tells Aniston.

“Why do you say that?” she responds.

“Because he’d be going nuts with you in the house. Imagine you walking around in your panties, trying to get ready for an audition – forget about it.”

Howard Stern
Howard Stern pictured recently with Madonna. Image via Twitter

The worst part? Stern’s female co-host egging him on and laughing at his puerile innuendo.

Ever charming, the interview is wrapped up thus:

Co-host: “We didn’t even find out her name.”

Stern: “Who cares. So I know what name to scream out tonight when my pants are around my ankles?”

And finally:

“Jennifer,” Aniston tells them.

“Jennifer Doody?” he says, using a fart-noise sound effect.

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Yes, folks, that’s Jennifer Aniston’s first known interview. Doesn’t it just fill you with faith in humanity, to hear a woman spoken to with such respect and dignity, almost like she’s a real person?

One thing’s for sure: he may have been able to walk all over a 20-year-old Aniston, but we’d be willing to bet present-day Aniston could cut Stern down to size with merely a glance.

I hope they’ve seen each other since, and she’s given him hell.

Listen to it, below. If you can bear it.

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