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The five telltale signs you’re in the midst of winter.

Hold my hand (for both warmth and support), friend. The good news is winter is almost over. The bad news is; we are in the midst of it and boy, it’s been a doozy!

Winter has got us good this year, it has reminded us why we invest in a Netflix subscription and why pasta should be a sometimes food.

We’re sluggish, full, couch bound and sick of getting those texts from the gym “checking in” to make sure we’re still alive because they haven’t seen us in so long.

Listen: Snuggle up, buttercup.

Winter 2017, you win. Here are the top five tell tale signs you know you’re in the midst of
winter. That’s right, five winter warning signs we’d rather ignore.

1. You’re wearing black. Constantly.

Black is your go-to, staple colour in these cooler months. It feels warmer than your other pieces, it goes with the other 55 layers you’re trying to pull off and it accurately represents your mood.

2. You can’t remember the last time you shaved your legs.

God knows the last time your pins saw the light of day. Those girls have been covered by jeans and slacks for as long as you can remember. You’re only reminded that you have legs when you’re in the shower; when you look down, ponder shaving them but still don’t. Don’t even start me on your bikini line. It’s the Daintree rainforest down there.


3. You only see your friends when they come to your house.

You want to see your friends, you love socialising with them! The catch is you don’t like them enough to venture out in this weather. So, you will see your friends and are happy to play host to all social engagements, as long as they are at your house and you, can stay in your ugg boots. Win win, right?

Kristen prefers sunshine to rain and clouds. (Image via Instagram.)

4. You’re using your loyalty cards, but only to scrape the ice off the windscreen.

Your numerous loyalty cards to *insert shop here* have never been so handy. Those cards are whipped out daily, not to get that fifth burrito free but to scrape the ice of the windshield.

5. You leave your groceries in the car for longer, because its as cold if not colder than the fridge.

Usually you whip home swiftly post the big grocery shop - you’ve got meat, yoghurt and chocolate to pop in the fridge, stat. Not in winter! There’s no issue swinging running a few more errands before you get home as your car it basically the fridge. Also, it saves you going out again. Once a week is MORE than enough.

There’s light at the end of the wiinter tunnel. Come on spring... we can smell you.

Kristen Henry is one half of The Kristen and Wilko Show on MIX 106.3 in Canberra. Follow her adventures at or find her on Facebook and Instagram.

What are your winter tell tale signs?