How would you feel if this was the sight that greeted you when you walked into the bathroom in the morning?


Or this……

Tom Whipple has his wrinkles and shadows attended to

It’s funny. When I think about it, all my girlhood popstar crushes were on men who wore make-up.
Fortunately, I grew out of this and my husband is not a guy-liner or man-scara wearing dude.

In the UK, cosmetics for men has become a 700 million pound industry. Woo hoo. Now men are being sold insecurity by beauty companies too. Welcome to our world.
This week, YSL launched it’s famous Touche Eclat concealing pen to men. That’s it above.
Yves Saint Laurent is confident that society is now ready
for men in make-up.

“Sure of himself and his masculinity, L’Homme Yves Saint
Laurent imposes his own style,” the company says in a glossy pamphlet that
uses the word “virile” a lot. “He knows that his power of seduction,
composed of strength and sensitivity, makes him irresistible.”

I love that the way to market a girly product to a man is to hint that it will make him more macho and get him laid.

Here, in celebration of my past crushes, a visual tribute to the pioneers of the man make-up movement. In my defence, I don’t think I’d hit puberty yet when these guys were on my wall……

Adam Ant…


Boy George….

Paul Stanley….

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