How would a dog wear pants, if dogs wore pants?


Just how would dogs wear pants?

It’s the debate the world probably doesn’t need to have but the world is having anyway.

Earlier this week Maxim deputy editor Jared Keller posed the question on Twitter with an image he had seen shared on his personal Facebook and, to quote him directly, the internet “lost its damned mind”.

It was shared more than 11,000 times in under two hours. The masses were interested and soon enough it was being hotly debated by the New York Magazine, MTV, Reddit, Jezebel and Mashable to name a few.



How does a hypothetical question about the pants dogs might wear capture the world’s imagination so quickly?

Is it because it’s the week after Christmas and it’s about as “deep” as many of us are willing to delve? Or is it because there really is only one answer and it’s madness? Who — anyone, let alone lots of people — would argue that dogs would wear pants on their arms???

Kara Brown mounts a compelling argument for the two-legged situation on Jezebel:

Fact: Pants have two legs, not four.

Fact: Those four-legged pants wouldn’t even stay up. Are we also producing large oblong belts in this ludicrous parallel dog pants world?

Fact: The first pant scenario doesn’t even cover the dog’s butt, which is like, a really major thing that pants are supposed to do.

Fact: We already have dog pants. This has been decided.

In a Twitter poll Keller posted, the majority of the 28,000 respondents agreed that a dog would only wear pants on it’s back two legs.

This is how a dog would wear pants.

Debating what dogs might wear is possibly proof the world’s gone a little bit mad, but there is some comfort in knowing sanity can prevail even in these conditions.