Worried love is dead? Read these heartwarming 'how we met' stories from 15 random women.

For those that need something to brighten their day or just want some reassurance that there real genuine love stories happening outside of The Bachelor franchise, here are 15 women sharing the stories about how they met their partner. And my goodness, they are heartwarming.

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"My husband moved in next door when we were both 15. He moved from a farm and I thought he was the cutest farm boy. I used to watch him (spy on him) work on his motorbike and tinker around in the shed. Little did I know, he was also keeping an eye on me too. One day a mutual friend rang me and I mentioned the farm boy next door (as you do when your 15) and the friend told him. We met up one night. Right from the start, we had a pretty strong connection. We could chat for hours. I still remember our first kiss. It was perfect. 

"Over the next few years we managed to damage the fence from how many times we would jump over it. We are 32 now. I’d be lying if I said it was an easy journey. Growing up together as individuals and a couple was tough. But we’ve made it. Extra weird fact for you: we were born the same day of same year at the same hospital." 

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"After going through a divorce at age 33 I thought I was going to be single for the rest of my days. After dabbling in online dating I met my current partner through an online dating app. However, we were in the same class at primary school! He claims he had been looking for me for 25 years!"

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"I was 17 and my twin sister was dating his best friend. Everyone tried to set us up because they thought we'd like each other, and we joked about it for months. Then eventually we got drunk and kissed and now 12 years later we're still together." 

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"I met my now husband while at university. He was in his final year (one year senior to me). We actually met a few months before he was about to graduate. There was this inter-university event where we ended up being finalists at a quiz contest. He lost the final to me and was a bit of a spoilt sport about it! But that’s pretty much how we met and stayed friends for the rest of his uni stay. 

"Once he left it became a long-distance relationship. We were not sure what the future held but apparently, his friends knew him well. They had joked that he will end up married to me as he is an emotional person and won’t let go. We actually were never in the same city for the next four years! Like his friends said, he never let go and we ended up married." 

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"I went away for a girls' weekend and decided to download Tinder for fun. I matched with a guy and fell in love with his smile instantly; I just had this gut feeling about him. We started talking and he had the worst pickup lines. Sadly, I became instantly uninterested. In both of his Tinder photos were him and his best friend, and my girlfriend in the car looked at the photos, knew both of them, and realised I was talking to the other guy, not the cute one with the smile. So I added the cute-smile-boyon Facebook, he asked me out and we went on a blind date the following week (his mate from Tinder even dropped him off). We now live together, have a dog and are about to celebrate five years together." 

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"Matt and I met on Happn. Not sure if the kids remember that one. His female housemates encouraged him to get on it - he wasn't keen, but one night we ended up chatting and the next day we met up at the Bondi surf club. We spent nine hours together by the beach, and I bought him a parmy and he says that's how he knew I was the one."

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"I met him in a hostel in Marrakech. I was studying in Berlin and decided to solo trip it to Morocco for a lonely Christmas. On my first day I met my boyfriend (a German guy who happened to study and live three hours away from Berlin), *sparks flew* and we travelled for 10 days together immediately. We spent Christmas in a tent in the Sahara, New Year's Eve in a beautiful riad and have been inseparable since (aside from two years almost of long distance). Ended up being the best Christmas I've ever had."

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"I met my boyfriend on Tinder. We were both Australians living in London, and matched - firstly - because of that (and he was super cute). We've since moved home together to Australia, and have been together four years. He used to be a bit embarrassed to admit we'd met on an app, but I couldn't care less. It's how most of my friends meet their partners nowadays." 

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"My partner and I met in high school. Funnily enough, we've known each other since year seven (and we even had one of those silly little relationships that you do when you're like 12 years old and it lasted for a full four days). I moved to a different school for year nine and 10 then eventually came back to the original school for my last two years of high school and we reconnected when we were on a school camp and were doing a hike on Mount Kosciuszko. We've now been together for seven years, have lived together for two." 

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"I met my husband at work (my first adult job) and he was a lot older/more senior at work than me and I was young wild and free, kissing lots of boys. He didn't even cross my mind as someone I'd be interested in, but we got along really well. He had been in a long-term relationship and I always used to tease him about when he would be proposing to his girlfriend. He moved to a different job and I hadn't seen, spoken or thought of him for six months - bar a random email he sent me asking if I was attending an old work friend's gathering that I thought was a bit weird... until I was at a farewell for a girl that was in his old team a couple of days before Christmas at Soda Factory, and he came in pretty loose from his own Christmas party. 

"He walked in, came straight up to me and said we needed to talk outside. I was like WTF. He said he'd broken up with his ex, and that he'd been wanting to kiss me for the last six months. I was three bottles of wine deep and was like, this is so bizarre... Why not I guess?! And then we got married less than two years later." 

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"At a New Year's Eve party at the pub; he was a friend of a friend. I told my friend I wasn't interested when she asked on his behalf. That said, when it got to midnight, I hadn't had any better offers so I pashed him anyway. We got talking and have pretty much been inseparable since. It's now 18 years and two kids later." 

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"I was sort of dating my now husband's good mate when I met him. We were in our early 20s and had both moved to a small country town in SA. I pursued him. We ended up getting together a week before I was due to move to Melbourne. We did long distance for nearly a year before both moving to Adelaide. We moved in together on Valentines Day 17 years ago and have been together ever since. Oh and his friend, the guy I was dating when we met... we were both in his wedding party and I'm best mates with his wife!" 


"We were involved in the same sporting community and probably met when he was 16 and I was 26. Needless to say, he didn’t register on my radar then. Fast forward nine years and we became friends and subsequently married when I was 35 and he was 25 after six months of dating properly. We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary." 


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"I met my husband at a bar at 3am after attending three different birthdays, including one in a private room with free flowing drinks. So it's fair to say, I was very intoxicated when I locked eyes with my future husband. We stood there smiling at one another for a few minutes, but as neither of us were actually taking the next step of approaching one another, my friend/flatmate took matters into her own hands and quite literally pushed me across the room to him.

"My drunken self made quite the impression by asking why he hadn't kissed me yet (about two minutes in) and showing off my impressive high kicks. He called me goofy, which honestly was accurate, a sign that he'd actually been listening to the bits of me shine through my drunken rambles, and a really nice change from the compliments guys who just want to sleep with you like to give. To seal his affections, on the way out of the bar I decided that a walkover in the alleyway on the way out was appropriate... and apparently I was right. The following day he showed up at about 4pm to take me out for dinner and the rest is history. *Please note: the effectiveness of drunken high kicks and walkovers in alleyways can vary widely... proceed with caution."

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Teya and Joey now. Image: Supplied.


"Hubby and I met when I was 16 (our Mums had known each other since I was five though). We sang in the church choir together. Yes, we're Catholic but people always think we're super religious when we say how we met... anyhoo. We got together when I was 17 and he was 18. We've been together 13 years, married for six, two kids with another on the way. Still love him with all my heart and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have found each other so early!" 


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