Did you watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve?


Mia is still away so today it’s me Lana  who  has the  honour of starting off  conversation (and an honour it is).

My New Year’s Eve was actually pretty good for a grinch like me who would love to never have left the house.  But I did and, along with oh about 500 other people (and about 40 of our friends ) we went to Nielsen Park in Vaucluse  to watch the fireworks over Sydney harbour. We were noticeable by the amount of glowsticks our children decorated themselves with, in fact I think people on the other side of the harbour may have believed we were a light show unto ourselves.

Apparently the 9pm fireworks were spectacular but  I was watching the kids faces rather than the city skyline (and my eyes were still adjusting to the glowsticks).

But at 9:10pm I started to get a little restless. So did the kids.  It was dark, dinner was finished, the humidity was enveloping us and everything was wet.  Even my dead straight hair started to knock at my scalp in an attempt to frizz.

My husband, being the excellent negotiator that he is, persuaded my son that it would be much more fun to watch the next round of fireworks from the comfort of our home on TV so we fled the crowds, our friends, the wet EVERYTHING and came home in time to cuddle up in bed and watch the midnight fireworks.  Just me, my husband, my son and my dog.  Bliss

How was your New Year’s Eve? What did you do to mark midnight on 31 December 2010?

If you missed the fireworks here is a gallery of fire in the sky from around the world.

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