How uncomfortable are the first two minutes of this interview?

Oprah on Tom’s couch this time. No jumping. Just a lot of self-justification and defensiveness.
Goodness, I find him scary. Controlling and scary.
Even in the second clip, Oprah seems very….stiff and like she’s not loving Tom. I think she sees through the whole performance.

After the jump, the begining of the show when Oprah arrives and is greeted by Tom and Katie. Holding hands. I do this a lot with my husband as we walk around the house. Sometimes it makes household tasks difficult to do – you know, with only one available hand – but WE’RE IN LOVE so it’s important to get that across.

A few points to note about this next clip:

1. The whole Katie appearance. She’s flawlessly groomed. That girl suddenly has amazing style. They should also win an Oscar for Most Spontaneous Performance By A Couple – note the bit where she says “I love you” to Tom several times before leaving to run an errand. They’re in LURVE, people. Doncha know it.

2. Note how Tom avoids Oprah’s question about how long he’s had the house. Best not to draw attention to the fact that THIS HOUSE IS WHERE HE MARRIED NICOLE KIDMAN.

3. The whole tour thing is fascinating. Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star in the world. He’s obviously in major damage control to open up his life like this.

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