So you think you can write a children's book.

I mean, how hard could it be?

How many times have you read a children’s book and thought “I reckon I could write one of these”.

I mean, how hard could it be? Just get a rhyming dictionary, slap together a few fun sounding words and hey presto – you’re the next Mem Fox!

But is it really that easy?

Daddo's book, First Day, in the shop window. image via instagram

This week on Mamamia's parenting podcast, Andrew Daddo, author of over 20 children's books, has the best advice for anyone wanting to write a children's book.

Listen here:

The full episode has more tips: what makes a great book? How do you get ideas? How can you get published? What if you get knocked back? And how writing a book for your child is the best gift ever.

Andrew Daddo with his daughter. image via instagram
Listen to the full episode here:

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So if you've been waiting for a sign, telling you to go and write that children;s book, consider it this. Because as Andrew says, there is no great science to it. It's just a little bit of imagination, a little bit of work, and the ability to not tell your partner about it!

What's the best children's book?

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