If you want to wear less makeup, micro concealing is your best friend.

If you fancy wearing less makeup in 2019 to make the most of your skin, there’s only one beauty hack you need to know about.

It’s called micro concealing.

Most recently, I watched UK beauty blogger Bambi Does Beauty unpack this tip on her Instagram stories. She also wrote about it for Glamour UK, saying she learnt it from makeup artist Valeria Ferreira at a beauty event.

As the name suggests, the technique is all about the precise application of concealer only to the areas that need it to go sans foundation.

There are two things you’ll need for micro concealing:

A colour matched creamy concealer and a teeny tiny eyeliner brush.

Rather than using your under eye concealer – a lightweight and light reflecting formula that bounces light away from dark circles – micro concealing blemishes and an uneven skin tone calls for an opaque, creamy formula that’ll melt into your skin and be undetectable. You may need to shop for a new shade if your current concealer is matched to your foundation shade, or if you’re fake tanning your face during summer.


Next, you’ll want to apply your concealer with a small brush with a fine tip. The smallest eyeliner/concealer brush you can find will do the trick – something like this NARS Precision Blend Brush 13 ($38) or the Manicare 23051 Smudge Eye Brush ($5.39).

The aim is to apply the least amount of concealer necessary, and only to the areas you really need it. For example, you might apply on a pimple, and over redness around your eyes or in the corner of your nose. Once you’ve applied the product with the brush (think of it like doting on a freckle), use a small buffing brush or your finger to gently tap and blend in.

Side note – Mamamia’s beauty guru Leigh Campbell has another genius (but kind of gross) concealer hack, check it out below. Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

The result is a fresh, no makeup makeup look – the concealer knocks out enough colour from the areas you want to hide, but the precise nature of the concealing allows the product to blend into your skin tone.

If going completely foundation free is a bit much to handle so early on in January (booze, lack of sleep and going back to work is a fatal skincare combination), try using a face tan like EcoTan Face Water, a tinted moisturiser, preferably with SPF, or mixing a drop of your usual foundation with a liquid highlighter for a light base.

At the end of the day, makeup is about doing what makes you feel bloody good about yourself.

If micro concealing helps, that’s a win in my books.

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